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TS Investigative Services, LLC provides a full range of private investigative services. We have over 34 years of investigative experience in a wide range of areas. Our extensive knowledge and skills are combined with a high level of professionalism with services performed in a highly ethical manner. We provide detail documentation of facts in written, photographic and video formats.

Our staff has decades of investigative experience in both private sectors and various levels of public/government. We utilize the most current technology and investigative resources to uncover facts overlooked by initial investigators. We locate details not yet uncovered by performing a thorough and unbiased investigation. Comprehensive investigations provide our clients with the facts they need to make decisions with confidence, knowing we have documented all information prior to delivering reports to our clients.


Background Investigations

Research and analysis of background information for your employment or legal needs.

Child Custody Investigations

Investigate any wrongdoing to illustrate the best living situation for children.

Civil Investigations

In-depth investigations for civil matters.

Criminal Investigations

Detailed and thorough research to gather evidence regarding criminal legal cases.

Fraud Investigations

Review of accounts, payments, and books to gather relevant information for your fraud case.

Missing Persons Investigations

Searching for missing loved ones in the efforts to locate and return home.

Private Investigations

General investigations for your needs. Contact us to see if our tailored services can suit your investigative research needs.

Workers Compensation Investigations & Surveillance

Surveil and investigate to discover the legitimacy of workers compensation claims.

Civil Process Service

Delivery and service of legal court documents to officially notify an individual of their involvement in a court case.

Infidelity/Cheating Spouse

Surveillance and research into a partner to uncover anyt infidelity.

People Locate/Skip Trace

Location services in order to serve civil process.

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